Why I decided to start a business blog

Hi all!

I have not started this blog to reach the masses. My goal is far more simple than gaining a consistently large audience. The reason for starting this blog/site is to provide business news in a manner that is accessible to the average person. For the past two years I have been studying a business degree. This has been (just) enough motivation for me to scale through pages and pages of dry business-related news articles which often contain terminology that some will not understand. I empathise with those that take one look at long-winded pieces, on a large corporation’s acquisition of a small consultancy firm for example, and decide there are more useful ways to spend their time than reading on.

I have recently finished my second year and I am about to start my placement year. I have decided that I myself would benefit from someone taking the big business stories and explaining them in a way that provides key facts and viewpoints and removes details that most simply do not need to know, or understand. So I thought, why can’t I be that person?

I urge anyone reading my blogs/articles to form their own opinion on what they’re reading. I need to stress that I am not an independent news institution or even a journalist trained in remaining neutral in their writing. I feel that failing to possess personality would result in my writing being as dull and dry as the long-winded articles I am trying to save you from reading. Therefore, it is very likely that my personal opinion may be quite clear in certain areas. Therefore, I must stress the importance of forming your own opinion, rather than copying mine without actually agreeing with it!

Of course, I would appreciate any feedback you may have (this is my first experience of writing publicly in any form, so there is likely to be quite a lot to be improved). Further, I would welcome any requests or suggestions on business topics to write about. My email can be found on the contact page. Again, I’d just like to stress why I’m doing this; to provide easy access to the basics of major business stories that may affect us. Whether one person or one hundred people read what I write, I will be over the moon that I have saved ten minutes of your time that would’ve otherwise been spent reading lengthy news stories.

Thanks for reading,

Sean Hagger!


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